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Other Services

Other Services

In addition to providing Quantity Surveying and Project Management Services our extensive experience and expertise wihtin the Construction Industry means we can tailor-make our services to your specific project requirements. Below is a selection of some of the services Clients regularly request us to carry out but the list isn't exhaustive so please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Contract Administration

We administer various forms of construction Contracts with fairness, integrity and transparency.

Either as Contract Administrator or Employer's Agent, we will issue relevant Certificates, Instructions, Notices etc. as required by the Contract in a timely and impartial manner.

It is not unusual for differences of opinion to arise and we proactively engage early to find early resolution wherever possible.


Rescue Management

Unfortunately, on occasion, Projects go awry for various reasons and we are regularly required to 'rescue' failing Projects. By using our experience and introducing our proven procedures and protocols we can assist with ensuring that consultants and contractors provide the services required of them in a co-ordinated and structured manner. Identification of time-critical issues and dealing with these in chronological order has proven key to the successful rescue of a Project.  Our comprehensive knowledge of the construction process and our skill in dealing with Project Teams enables us to recognise and rectify these issues.


Schedule of Conditions

Inspection of buildings and providing a photographic and descriptive report of the current condition of the fabric.


Fund / Bank Monitoring

We act for and on behalf of banks to provide independent and impartial advice in order to protect their assets. By reviewing the lending agreements we identify all key items required by the bank; visit site to ascertain progress of the works, inspect facilities etc. and ensure all items required of the borrower are provided. We will then issue a Report to the Bank setting out what has been provided, what is outstanding and whether we consider if 'draw-downs' against the lending facility should be made.


Tenant's Representatives

We can act on behalf of Tenant's when dealing with construction Projects; liaising and communicating with the developer's Project Team and representing the Tenant with regard to technical, contractual, cost issues etc.